ethics and accountability

I abide by a set of personal ethics both as a justice and healing practitioner and as a community educator that I seek to align myself in integrity with.

My personal ethics and values:

I seek to create spaces that are co-operative, democratic, transparent, and support individual integrity and autonomy in dynamic and healthy relationship with others.

I ground my understanding of human-to-human exchanges of energy and resources in principles of mutual aid.

I strive to be honest not only with others but with myself. I seek to speak the truth in ways that support growth.

I commit to engaging with good-faith feedback in ways that tend to both my own boundaries, and the needs of those engaging me. I commit to asking for the time I need to absorb and digest feedback, and I commit to creating space for collaborative problem solving.

I commit to treating conflict, discomfort, disagreement, and harm as opportunities for learning and resilience building.

I seek to grow deeper in my embrace of the discomfort that arises from personal transformation.

I promise to know my limits and to refer out when I feel that someone I am working with needs help from a professional whose qualifications are outside my area of expertise.

I will do all that is within my capacity to make choices and act with integrity to my personal values of social, economic, and ecological justice.

I treat my own integrity and boundaries as a primary concern, as without this I set up any attempts at reciprocal and authentic relationships for failure.

I strive to listen to my body, my state of mind, and other factors when making decisions about my work so that I work truly from my heart and do not deplete myself in the process.

I hold my right to be regarded as a whole human being and have my privacy and boundaries respected and will act accordingly.

I will protect the confidentiality of any and all who work with me, whether as a client, consultee, or as a student. The only exception to this is when there is imminent bodily danger to other’s involved. In this case, I will use my discretion to decide how to handle that information to ensure the safety of all parties. Involving the state or the cops would only ever be considered in the event that immediate danger is present and there are absolutely no other resources for intervention. Considering the safety of all parties includes safety from state violence.

I value every being’s personal agency and autonomy. My practice is rooted in the belief that we all have the inner resources necessary to make meaningful change in our own lives and in the health of our communities.

As a practitioner, I am not an “expert”. I am a companion whose sole goal is to help others connect to their power and become agents of transformation and healing in their own lives and communities.

I seek to promote practices that facilitate community wholeness, hold space for difference and diversity in all its manifestations, that tackle conflict with care and integrity, that take the harming of its members by people inside and out of the community seriously, that seek to meet the needs of all involved.

I seek to uplift every person to be in their personal strength and integrity, and to support all in building the discernment and resilience necessary to be effective agents in their own lives.

The dismantling of all systems of domination and the cultivation of social and cultural systems that maximize autonomy while mitigating control and abuses of power is at the heart of all I do.