work with me

I am available for consultations, coaching, writing, and speaking engagements. Read below for more info on areas of interest, contacting me, and pricing.

consultations and coaching

I offer consultation and coaching to individuals and groups on the topics of relationships, abuse, and parenting. Some examples of situations I have consulted on in the past include:

  • Designing responses to abuse
  • Organizational conflict and harm preparedness
  • Transformative justice
  • Autonomy-centered parenting
  • Parenting to prepare children to navigate abuse and manipulation
  • Individual cases of conflict at all levels of intimacy
  • Connecting with personal integrity in approaches to relational rupture

Please note: I do not facilitate accountability processes at this time.

I am particularly passionate about democratic and horizontal group structures and love to work with groups seeking to maximize agency in their organization.

If there is something not listed above that you think I could offer insight around, feel free to pitch it to me.


I am available for writing short, medium, and long-form pieces for publications.

speaking engagements

I am available for speaking engagements at events in my fields of interest and expertise.


To work together I require a specific invitation from you.

Include in your invitation the work you would like to do together, as well as the reason why it is me you wish to work with. This helps me to figure out if I am the correct fit to work with you, your organization, event, or publication.

Please allow me 3-5 business days for an initial response to your email.

After my initial response, I will take some time to decide if the job is right for me. This could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Please plan initiating your invitation accordingly.

Once you have reviewed this process, get in touch at

pricing and payment

For writing, I base my pricing per word and by the size of your publication.

For one time consultations, I offer my services on the basis of exchange for value. I ask that you assess the value that what I am offering has to your and other’s life and well-being and in good faith match that value to what you can sustainably afford.

Working together on a longer term basis, by the same principles I ask that you include an offering factoring in how often you want to meet, the duration of time you’d like to meet for, and the duration of time you expect to need my services.

I also accept forms of exchange that are not strictly monetary, such as trades of goods and services. The goods and services should be assessed by the same metrics of value that you would assess a monetary exchange.

I reserve the right to negotiate or decline if an offer does not feel sufficient for the labor I am offering. However, mutual aid is a guiding ethic of mine and I put trust that the correct invitations will be aligned in terms of value exchange. I consider the sense of purpose that I receive from being able to offer my guidance to others a form of exchange in itself.