rates and accessibility

The bulk of my work is creating educational content that is available to all who subscribe to my newsletter (in non-pandemic times, my youtube as well). I have a Patreon page which I utilize as a means of creating a mutual aid based community with my audience. I can offer my newsletters for free while those who benefit from and appreciate my work support me with a monthly pledge that makes doing this work more sustainable for me. Patrons at any tier get access to the entire archive of my work.

For consultations regarding transformative justice and handling intra-community harm I work on a pay-what-you-can basis as I feel this support should not be limited by income. I request that if you are seeking these services out that you still read on to understand my approach to compensation and mutual exchanges.

For other services that are more individualized such as tarot and spell creation and casting, it is important to me to offer options for clients who aren’t able to afford the full rate but still wish to work with me or attend my classes. For these clients I offer sliding scale, trades, and partial trades. 

Here are the accessibility options I offer:

Sliding scale. My sliding scale is honor-system based. Some things to consider when deciding how much you can pay me are:

  • Your relative privilege. Marginalized groups face economic barriers. Folks of color, trans and gender nonconforming folks, women, LGB people, immigrants, people with disabilities etc all face greater barriers in finding and maintaining employment, face greater levels of homelessness and general lack of access to resources.
  • Socioeconomic background. This kinda goes under relative privilege but I think deserves its own consideration. If you come from a background of economic privilege, or have access to economic privilege either through family or your own assets, this is an important factor to consider. (A note here: I understand that alienation due to abusive families complicates access to economic privilege- if this is your story, this does not apply to you!)
  • Dependents. If you are a parent or caretaker, especially single parent, with children who are financially dependent on you.
  • Employment. Steady or unstable incomes are a factor to consider.

Sliding scale is not about choosing to pay less, or you deciding what you think my services are worth. Sliding scale is about granting access to services for people who for a variety of reasons struggle more to survive capitalism. Please consider that my time, experience, and labor is valid and important and that myself and my child deserve to survive capitalism. Weigh this against your own means and knowing that you deserve services, and come to the number that feels right and doable to you.

Trades. While I am not able to do this for every client, I am happy to work out some trades. Please note that trades need to be negotiated in advance. Trades are not valid for use in the shop and for skype sessions, trade items will need to be received before services are provided.

Some trades I am interested in:

  • Gift cards: Safeway, Fred Meyer, New Seasons, Winco, Amazon, Task Rabbit, Arco (or other gas stations)
  • Art prints
  • Locally:
    • House cleaning
    • Help with errands​

If you have a service or item you’d like to trade for, drop me a line and pitch it! I’ll let you know if I feel like that’s a trade I can do.

Please also note that I value trades based on my sliding scale rates. 

Partial trades. Partial trades include part monetary compensation and part trade.

If you’re wanting to do a trade or need a sliding scale rate- please email me. For sliding scale, I will have to create a custom invoice for you on PayPal. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

I am always interested in feedback– if you have any feedback or ideas on how I can be more accessible, please drop me a line!

Blue box with blue and black writing that says sliding scale rates.  Fifteen minutes $10-25, thirty minutes $35-50, one hour $60-75, and ninety minutes $80-95
Blue box with blue and black writing that says sliding scale rates. Fifteen minutes $10-25, thirty minutes $35-50, one hour $60-75, and ninety minutes $80-95