Moment of Wholeness

Moment of Wholeness

This was originally published June 3, 2021

Someday you’ll wake up and you’ll realize it’s been ages since you thought about the person who hurt you.

You’ll realize the distance has created spaciousness around the wound.

You can look upon the chasm between you and them and your shared past like a deep and winding canyon.

You can study the layers, each crevice, and see that what seemed to be impenetrable rock has eroded into sand.

You missed it because it all happened so slowly, and you weren’t really looking anyways.

The perspective grants you peace, and the peace grants you perspective.

You see things in a way you didn’t before.

The way things were begins to make sense as you piece together all of the things that culminated in the mess that was.

The grief takes on a different shape, and you realize that regardless of anything they could have said or done to make things better-

it was moving forward and choosing yourself that brought you to this moment of wholeness.