hi, i’m juniper

(art by WitchMoss)

Pronouns: they/them

My focus

differentiation-focused support and education to help individuals, families, communities, and organizations create healthy and sustainable cultures.

my vision

a world governed horizontally through direct democracy where each individual is empowered and equipped with the necessary skills to navigate and maintain healthy interdependence.

a world where interpersonal violence is rare and dealt with effectively and sustainably.

sustainable, cohesive movements for the liberation of all.

What I do

I offer consultation to individuals, groups, and organizations. My passion is inspiring groups to construct community policies that foster a culture of preparedness for interpersonal violence.

I have supported activist organizations, individuals, families, friend groups, and even higher learning institutions.

Drawing from ten years of experience in transformative justice work I create educational content on issues of transformative justice, healthy relationships, abuse intervention, survivor advocacy, and personal growth.

My writing has been used to help ground accountability processes and transformative justice processes with a focus on taking slow, intentional, grounded, and differentiation-based approaches to situations of harm.

I have a Patreon page which I use as a means of creating a mutual aid relationship with my audience. I put little to no bars on the content I release because I want the resources I offer to be available freely to those who need it.

I heartily welcome the generous contributions of one-time donation or regular Patreon support by those who see the value of my work and wish to support me back.


I am autistic, nonbinary, a Jewish witch, and a parent.

The co-operative model and direct democratic methods inspire me because I believe they are a cultural avenue to mastering interdependence. 

In 2014 I completed a program studying plant medicine, I hold a Masters in Divinity that I completed in 2020 at Starr King School for the Ministry​​, and my undergraduate education was in social/cultural anthropology with a strong focus in Indigenous Nations Studies, and studies in gender and sexuality.

I’m a Virgo sun,  Sagittarius moon, with a Libra rising. My human design profile is 1/3 emotional projector.

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon.