hi, i’m juniper

Pronouns: they/them

My mission

to create a world free from abuse.

What I do

Drawing from over eight years of experience in transformative justice work I create educational content on issues of transformative justice, healthy relationships, survivor advocacy, and personal growth. My writing has been used to help ground accountability processes and transformative justice processes with a focus on taking a slow, intentional, and grounded approach to situations of harm.

I have a Patreon page which I use as a means of creating a mutual aid relationship with my audience. I put little to no bars on the content I release because I believe that the resources I offer should be available freely. Those who appreciate and benefit from my work can opt to support me by becoming a patron and making a monthly pledge with tiers starting as low as $1/month.

I offer consultation on a pay-what-you-can basis to people and groups looking to learn more about transformative justice and design responses to harm. My passion is inspiring groups to construct community policies that foster a culture of preparedness for interpersonal violence.

If you are seeking spiritual companionship and guidance, I also offer services as a witch-for-hire. Services include tarot readings and custom spell creation.

My background and interests

I’m a nonbinary and neurodivergent Jewish witch, fat liberationist, spoonie, crafter, and parent to a young child. Being a spoonie, disability justice is a grounding ideology for me.

The co-operative model and direct democratic methods inspire me because I believe they are a cultural avenue to mastering inter-dependence. 

In 2014 I completed a program studying plant medicine. As of December 2020 I will have completed my Masters in Divinity at Starr King School for the Ministry​​.

I’m a Virgo sun,  Sagittarius moon, with a Libra rising. 

I currently reside in the unceded Chinook lands also known as Portland, Oregon.

I highly recommend looking at my ethics and accountability statement (link) to learn more about my guiding principles

(art by WitchMoss)

A photo of Juniper- a white nonbinary person with round silver glasses, green eyes and long, red curly hair. They are wearing a hamsa necklace and a black shirt.