Transformative Justice and the DIY Ethic

Transformative Justice and the DIY Ethic
 This was originally published June 8, 2021

Transformative justice is the DIY ethic applied to managing interpersonal and community ruptures.

When we are empowered with the tools to navigate interpersonal conflict and abuse, the relevance of institutions of policing and prisons are threatened.

In this project we are radically reframing harm:

We are moving away from the idea that it is to the state we are accountable.

We are moving towards the reality that it is to our own dignity and to those whose lives we are deeply and intimately tied to that we are accountable.

Abolition is much more than abolishing police and prisons- it’s calling upon us to become strong in the ways the state wants us to be weak.

Our failure to cultivate resilience and manage interpersonal and community ruptures without destroying our communities reinforces the logic that says we need the state to keep us safe.

We need each other to keep us safe.

We need to start living like it.