Vulnerability Relies on Courage

Vulnerability Relies on Courage

Oct 25, 2021

There is nothing you can do, no magic words you can say, no miracle skills to learn that will open another person up to authentic and vulnerable relationship with you.

You can learn your attachment style. You can learn theirs. You can know everybody’s primary and secondary love languages. Sun sign, Venus, Mars…

None of that will matter if they do not have it within themselves to soothe the inner tension that comes with being close and seen by another person.

These frameworks that promise if we just learn the right terminology and act in just the right way we will have successful and close relationships are so alluring because they make it seem at if we can control things outside of ourselves to get the outcome we seek.

But any control we have outside of our own minds and bodies is an illusion.

The most solid relationships you can cultivate are ones where you stand in your own power, and call upon others to stand in their own power by your side.

You may not be in control of whether or not the other person shows up, but you will be amazed by the peace and clarity that comes with accepting that the only thing in your control is you.