Anarchism Has No “Invisible Hand”

Anarchists need to stop painting anarchism in this “invisible hand” light. This wouldn’t just naturally sort itself out if everyone had full autonomy because ppl who serially rape and abuse are cunning, and retaliatory action will likely not be simply accepted because people are going to view that as unjust in itself. Anarchism that is painted in this light is just as incoherent as the logic of capitalism believing “well everything will sort itself out.”

Anarchism that is rooted in coherent, intentional forms of horizontal social organization has so much promise and could actually effectively design itself around effective violence response, and most crucially through preventative measures that eradicate social conditions that make it possible.

  • Response to tweet from Joy @tr4nsfem Sep 2, 2022: “Full autonomy for survivors means we get to decide what happens to our abusers. Under anarchy the threat of retaliatory actions would stop sexual violence. Rapists will never quit until they fear for their lives. Patriarchy will not dismantle itself it must be destroyed.”