Gender Criticals and Christonationalism


I don’t think people understand the gravity of why it matters that the GC and CRT moral panic is coming out of right wing think tanks.

The point is that their long term goal has been Christonationalism in the United States and that they are creating inflammatory discourse with the ultimate goal of removing personal freedoms in alignment with religious fundamentalism.

They have slowly been increasing state power over the course of decades and are now outright eradicating people’s rights to bodily autonomy, from abortion to gender transition. They are undermining and trying to destroy the public school system, banning books, forcing things like prayer into the classroom, criminalizing discussions of racial, sexual and gender diversity, and they are succeeding in getting people on their sides in the process.

If you see what’s happening in Iran and are outraged. That is exactly what they want here, except instead of an Islamic govt they want Christianity to be the law of the land. They’ve been aptly called Vanilla ISIS.

Sure, we should be talking about detrans stories. We should be paying attention to emerging science around things like puberty blockers to be mindful of any long term risks we aren’t currently aware of. But what people need to understand is that what this discourse is trying to push is state oversight of medical autonomy, and in this case it is aimed at eradicating gender diversity.

That is why the conversation isn’t

“should we examine medical interventions for trans children and increase standards of informed consent for children and adults alike?” it is “Are trans people real or are they all just mentally ill?”

I see so many people willing to compromise with right wing talking points because there is a shred of legitimacy in their arguments. That is an intentional tactic. It is taking something relatively reasonable and enveloping it in an ideological position that wouldn’t otherwise logically apply.

They are literally fanning flames of moral panic to push legislation that further restricts our medical autonomy. The hypocrisy of people who oppose something like mandatory vaccination supporting positions like this without mindfully engaging in nuance and examining how it aligns with personal values of bodily autonomy is astounding.

It’s propaganda.

Do your research, come to your conclusions about the medical facts, support things like increased standards of informed consent.

But don’t play into the hands of a party that ultimately wants to strip you of your freedoms.

Either you support bodily autonomy or you don’t.