resilience in disagreement


I follow and am friends with “problematic” people and I don’t care.

I passionately disagree to the point of frustration with people that I also really like.

I don’t expect the people I associate with to behave in a pristine manner at all times. 

I highly recommend people try learning how to hold complexity and soothe themselves in the ways they need to because it’s either that or spend your time hypervigilantly monitoring everyone around you.

Both of those choices pose their challenges but one of them helps you grow and become better at accepting difference and the other one might give you PTSD as you learn in painful ways over and over again that you have no power to control people and find your social circle slowly disappearing both as you cut people off and others decide that you’re problematic for the inevitable bullshit you’re gonna pull or problematic things you’re gonna say and do.

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