Why I Trust Those Who Own Their Harmful Behaviors

Why I Trust Those Who Own Their Harmful Behaviors

Originally published July 7, 2021

On the surface it may defy common sense, but I have a special kind of trustand warmth for those who humbly and authentically own their harmful behaviors and patterns.

We might be inclined to see such disclosure as a sign of danger, but on the contrary- that someone does not know and own this part of themselves is a sign to me that when it inevitably arises I won’t be able to count on them to be responsible for it. Instead it is more likely that I will be made to bear the burden of the choices they make in the thick of our most challenging moments.

The kind of people you can rely on to co-create strong bonds with deep trust and the closest kind of intimacy and vulnerability are the ones who have a deep sense and acceptance of who they are, including their ugliest tendencies.

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