The Cycle of Relationships

The Cycle of Relationships

Feb 1, 2022

Relationships are a process like any other part of life.

They cycle through periods of hibernation and growth.

Sometimes they will lay stagnant as we pursue our growth as distinct individuals.

If we learn to be together well, sometimes we may boom into periods of renaissance, reigniting fiery passions on ever deepening levels as you grow in your mutual capacity for intimacy.

Relationships are not meant to always feel good and steady.

They are meant to be a stage where we play out the inner drama/duality that so many of us live with: the part of us that seeks to disappear in passionate oneness with our beloved, and the part of us that pursues their own unique and defined path.

The juiciness lies in our ability to harness our relationships as opportunities to find greater equilibrium among these opposing but equally healthy and normal human needs.