Watching Your Partner Align

Watching Your Partner Align

January 10, 2021

There is something extremely alluring about watching a partner show up in real time in a process of self-confrontation and alignment. These moments that require both softness and courage, to align oneself with one’s highest goals and values.

Recognizing in someone:

“This was not easy for you but you did it anyways. And you did it not just out of a genuine desire to be close to me but also to push yourself to grow in greater alignment with yourself-“

is witnessing a process that many of us hide from the view of others or avoid entirely.

When I watch my partner make spur of the moment decisions to do something brave, vulnerable, and unusual I find him irresistible and I know with my whole body why I choose to share my life with him.

My love is not based in illusion but a genuine respect and admiration for something concrete that I am observing in real time.

When I choose to be brave and push myself out of my comfort zone to be seen and close, I feel full and whole and worthy.

I feel respectable and worthy of admiration.

Consciously and courageously navigating the terrors of love, commitment, and intimacy as two solid entities rather than in fusion and illusions is an electrifying experience.

As rewarding as it is terrifying.